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SPACE 201 

Sports, Performance, Arts, Community & Entertainment

Our Vision

A family-oriented business devoted to providing an environment that offers the community exciting activities that shape the personalities of children and inspires healthy living.

SPACE 201 programs, events, and activities will promote participation in Sports, Performance, and Arts continuously building character and encouraging ongoing Community involvement while offering fun and Entertainment.  

Our Mission


  • Transform minds

  • Build character

  • Inspire healthy living

  • Embrace purpose

  • Have FUN


This journey began with two mothers determined to make a difference for their children. A doctor and a coach joined forces to provide dynamic life experiences.  Join the fun and help them explore opportunities that will encourage confidence and embrace purpose.

Current Program/Events






  • Introduces children to the sport of recreational and competitive springboard diving.


SESSION 3 (1/27/2020 - 3/28/2020) **


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Kids are always being challenged to be bigger, better, brighter, and stronger.  Our programs are a great opportunity for kids to flex their mental and physical muscles, share laughs, and make amazing memories.

Jump, Leap, Soar!!!