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PDA 2020 - 2021 DIVE SEASON
9/14/20 - 6/20/21
7/5/21 - 8/20/21 (M-F, 9am-12pm)
@ Stonybrook Swim Club (Hillsdale, NJ)
Pike Dive Academy (Washington Twp, NJ)
Registration Now Open!

Pike Dive Academy @SPACE 201 introduces children (ages 5-18 years) to the sport of diving through our safe, fun, and comprehensive year-round (September-June) recreational and competitive team programs.

Our Mission


  • Transform minds

  • Build character

  • Inspire healthy living

  • Embrace purpose

  • Have FUN

The program focuses on the development of children in the areas of strength, flexibility, conditioning, and aerial training (performing out of belt somersaults, including twisting somersaults on a trampoline or dryboard) through dry-land instruction (use of a gym setting to teach complicated and repetitive skills in very small segments) and pool instruction. Incorporating both dry-land and pool instruction are key to a successful dive program.

Our head coach, Dora Fyfe, has a great passion for seeing children reach their highest potential.  She is the Head Dive Coach at NJIT, a former NCAA Diver, and has been coaching for 30 years as an USAG Competitive Gymnastics Coach, USAIGC Competitive Gymnastics Coach, Certified USA Diving Coach, and a Certified AAU Diving Coach. She is also a Certified USA FINA Diving Judge. 

Pike Dive Academy @SPACE 201 looks forward to working with your child to 

transform minds, build character, inspire healthy living, embrace purpose, and have FUN!